Multi-Purpose Student Center Competition Project, National Quemoy University

Quemoy University is located in Jinning Township, nearby Jincheng Administration Center, occupying 13.5 hectares. This new Multi-Purpose Student Center is situated in the southwestern area of the campus, covering 1.5 hectares and will accommodate 3,100 people, including a gym, swimming pool, administration, student activities, and cafeteria. This project plays an essential role in both the campus and the surrounding neighborhood. It is not only a court for games, but also a space for citizens’ multi-purpose recreation.

The architecture design integrates the idea of “flying,” from the school emblem and the local culture feature. The landscaped park on the roof of the gym reduces the massing impact.
A large green roof forms a special area for physical education, and to express the image of sustainable health, youth, and openness.

The high ceiling in the Center connects the green roof, which introduces ample natural light and greenery in the interior, thus bridging the swimming pool and the main podium. The features conjunctly make up a bright, healthy, graceful, quality exercise space.

Location: Kinmen County

Structural system: RC & partial steel truss

Site area: 12,000㎡

Building coverage: 4,500㎡

Total floor area: 10,500㎡

No. of stories: 4 above grade

Design period: 2009.7 ~ 2010.5

類別: Education、Paper Architecture、Sport / Leisure

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