National Taiwan Ocean University Gymnasium

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) is located on a hillside along the northern coastline. A large portion of the campus is not constructible due to its geographical landform. Considering the current campus layout and condition, a south-north axis is established to bring pedestrians into a narrow campus entrance and further connecting the axis to various campus activities. Apart from enhancing the physical education environment, the new gymnasium also functions as a crucial part in the campus circulation system. The design focuses are as follow:


1. Sunken Sports Court: Distributed on the 1st and 2nd floor, the design of the sunken sports court effectively reduces visual impact of the enormous building massing. It also provides shading to the lower area while leaving the upper floors exposed to natural lighting. The floating running tracks and roof top gulf range form a green roof which shelters the sport court area below. Through which, the design not only establishes visual transparency and friendliness, but also reduces the cost for structure and construction.

2. Interlocked Cubes: A recreational cube is located above the sunken sports court from 3rd to 6th floors. The cube accommodates facilities such as gulf practice area, table tennis room, dance studio, and offices. Through the relationship established between solid and void on the exterior, the cube acts like a floating lantern that shines above the ground to establish a contradiction to the sunken sports court.

類別: Education、Paper Architecture、Sport / Leisure

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