Ningbo Industrial Design & Creative Center

Looking Back Through History and Forward Through Design

The site of the Ningbo Industrial Design & Creative Center is located in Ningbo, China on the southeastern bank of the Yong Jiang River which is part of the Yangtze River Delta. The site was once an industrial plant housing a prosperous textile mill which took advantage of the convenient river transportation. Today, after years of neglect, the main production building and most of the support buildings are gone; only the chimney, one of the warehouses, and the original owner’s villa are left on the site. These structures tell the story of the Ningbo textile legend.

The concept for the design of the center integrates a new industrial design and creative center with the remnants old textile factory in order to revive the memory of the glorious past. The center is specially designed to display all the items which won the International Award for Industrial Design. The rest of the programs within the center consist of a Chinese digital data center, a design library, designer service apartments, and office spaces

The exterior of the building is black, but the interior elevations are transparent glass like a crystal inside a stone. This composition presents a poised cool outward appearance, but with an inner vivid clarity. The interior spaces are full of public terraces where “designers interaction spaces” are to be contained. The terraces and bridges can also be used as a cafeteria, exhibition space, and/or inner green space. In addition, the plan is flexible enough to adapt to different sized offices with adequate daylight

The idea for the landscape is to create a looped path which portrays, in chronological order, the milestones throughout the history of industrial design. This path morphs into a ramp within the building leading to the top of the roof symbolizing the pursuit for the elite in the field of industrial design.

Half of the site is naturally landscaped to provide more open space for the city. The landscape design will also lead people toward the river side and revitalize the beauty of the river. The pedestrian path is integrated with the building initiating dialogue between the interior space, the nature outside, and the local history.

The Ningbo Industrial Design & Creative Center will not only become a new landmark of Ningbo, China, but also bridge local history and values with international significance through creativity in design.

Location : Ningbo, Zhejiang , China

Site area: 78,000㎡

Building coverage : 147,770㎡

Design Period: 2008.06

Const. Period: 2008.06

類別: Paper Architecture

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