NTU Research Building for College of Engineering Bio-resources / Agriculture

The new research building aims to combine resources from College of Engineering and College of Bio-resources and Agriculture into one integrated system. Through distinguished laboratory environment and cross-major development, NTU looks forward to bring biotechnology aspects into the advancement of agriculture in Taiwan.

Located in the east side of NTU main campus, the building sits by the famous “black forest” where vegetation flourishes. The emphasis of the design is the interconnection between interior, exterior, and the surrounding environment. The exterior adapts three levels to symbolize the concept of a tree. The verticality on the lower floors echoes the tree trunks in the black forest. Through the use of glass curtain wall, the strategic offices and cooperative research areas are highly opened to natural lighting. The middle floors adapt rhythmic windows to express branching of a tree, which brings comfortable daylight condition into the EE research labs. The upper floors are labs for College of Bio-resources and Agriculture. To satisfy functional requirement, lighting enters from waist-high openings and clerestories as refraction. These openings form a series of patterns on the exterior to represent thriving leaves that reaches out to the forest and the surrounding environment.

The different majors are separated by floors to distinguish programmatic arrangement. The double floor spaces are not simply for circulation, but also communion areas for students and staff to interact and connect with the surrounding environment. The design strives to achieve sustainable campus by preserving existing trees on-site and integrating building into its surrounding. Together with natural ventilation from the central courtyard, the building demonstrates an increasing effort to achieve sustainability.

Location: National Taiwan University Campus

Structural system: RC

Site area: 869,000㎡

Building coverage: 1,790㎡

Total floor area: 14,850㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 9 above grade

Design period: 2013.5 ~ 2015.3

Const. period: 2015.4 ~ 2017.6

類別: Education

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