Office Building, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.

Located in a narrow lane off, Chung-Shan North Road of Taipei City, on a square site about 25 meters each direction, this office building has eight floors above and two floors below ground. The basement floors are used for parking, the first and second floors for bank offices and the third through eighth floors for rental offices. Each floor is about 350 square meters in area.

The site faces a twelve-story office building of the same bank across the lane and is surrounded by nine story buildings on the left, right and rear sides; its small area feels oppressively bound. The design therefore decided on a simple rectilinear plan of wide span construction with compactly grouped service areas, and to set the building back from the street. The side walls at the top follows the rooftop parapet at a 45-degree slope to create formal interest, while the well proportioned façade exerts a calm and stabilizing influence on this jumbled, chaotic environment. Exterior walls are covered with stone and face brick, and enclosed by a metal curtain wall.

類別: Office

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