Office Building, Hua Nan Commercial Bank

The structure is located at a street intersection, amidst a rather complex group of buildings, while the spaces inside are rented to different business ventures, thus the design attempts to harmonize with the neighborhood and express a multiplicity of character at the same time :

  • Mass:The facade facing the adjacent building is designed as a unified whole, while other parts of the structure are arranged in varying heights and sizes to comply with building code restrictions.
  • Material:Granite, tile and glazed curtain wall combine to provide a diversified exterior appearance.
  • Color:A selection of colors low in intensity yet high in brilliance complement each other, while part of the balconies and lower floors are painted a bright yellow for unification.

座落地點: 台北市

結構系統: 鋼筋混凝土

基地面積: 480㎡

建築面積: 290㎡

總樓地板面積: 2,875㎡

層數: 地下2層、地上9層

設計時間: 2000.07 ~ 2001.12

施工時間: 2002.01 ~ 2003.09

類別: Office

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