Phase II Building of the College of Education & College of Humanities and Social Sciences Phase I , National Chung Cheng University

Phase II Building of the College of Education
Phase I Building of the College of Education, with a total floor area of 8665 m2, was completed in the fall of 1999. By the school year of 2002, the total number of students has increased to 1, 189, and the 7.29 m2 unit area for each student had grown to be insufficient and borrowing space from other departments becomes necessary. The university thus decided to expand the Phase I Building and add the Phase II Building.

The 1st to 3rd floors are the college classrooms, linked by open stairs to reduce elevator demand. Three large lecture rooms and an audio-visual room with 250 seats are also shared by other departments. The 4th to 7th floors are faculty rooms and graduate students’ studies. The departmental office is located on the 3rd floor, connecting the administration department of the Phase I Building. The layout plan echoes the L-shape Phase I Building, enclosing a semi-outdoor central court covered by a translucent roof receding by layers, a featured design of the building. The covered plaza has two functions: firstly, since the site is lower than the surrounding roads, resulting in drainage problems, a roof needs to be in place; secondly, a large space shielded from the weather is thus created for student activities.

The exterior wall is finished in reddish brown and oyster gray tiles, a continuation of the Phase I Building. A portion of higher levels are recessed by layers, creating outside terraces and lessening massiveness of the volume, also adding to visual interest. To match the slope of the site, the main entrance is designed on the third level on the south-eastern corner. A grand stair, a ramp and a large landscape platform extends a warm welcome to visitors at this entrance level.


College of Humanities and Social Sciences Phase I

Located on a gentle slope at the northeastern border of the campus, the site is 1.8 hectares in area, bounded on the east by the perimeter service road and on the three other sides by various academic buildings. The University plans to eventually erect a College of Education and a College of Law & Political Sciences on this site but in the early stage of this newly-established university, only 40% of the site is to be developed and part of the Phase I structures will serve as temporary quarters for several departments from the College of Humanities. The balance of the site is left as lawn and temporary parking for 92 cars. In Phase I, the site is occupied by a five-storey building on the west (the future College of Education) and an eight-storey building on the east (the future College of Law & Political Sciences), linked by a parking garage for 113 cars in the basement level of the latter, taking advantage of the sloped site. A suite of faculty offices for General Instruction is also located at the western end around a garden court. A central landscaped plaza provides individual entries to the two future colleges at ground level, while the taller L-shaped building is strategically placed on the northeast to protect the plaza and roof gardens from strong prevailing winter winds. Both colleges have graduate departments and faculty offices on their upper floors, while classrooms and study halls with their large student body are placed on the ground and second floors to minimize elevator traffic. Stepped roof gardens are provided on several levels for outdoor activities. Each college is provided with a 120-seat lecture hall. The future College of Law and Political Sciences also contains two moot courts as well as a Legal Aid office to serve the community. The total floor area is 411,644 sq.m., with a construction cost of NT$542,700,000. Completion date was June1996.

Location : Minsyong Township, Chiayi County

Structural system : RC

Site area: 1,261,012 ㎡

Building coverage : 2,154 ㎡

Total floor area: 9,564 ㎡

No. of stories: 2 below, 7 above grade

Design period: 2003.02 ~ 2005.08

Const. period : 2006.11 ~ 2008.11

Joint Venture Architect: Chiu-Hwa Wang

類別: Education

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