Phase II of Wen-Zhou City Social Welfare Center

The project aims to build a multi-purpose and sophisticated elderly care facility. It is a modern nursing center with medical wellness care, and leisure facilities for residents.

The project consists of 582 beds in Nursing Buildings and 1,822 beds in Independent Living Buildings. Both of the buildings include various public spaces such as restaurants, supermarkets, art/cultural spaces, and continuous learning areas, as well as medical service stations.

The project is located in Wen-Zhou City, situated by southern Chui-tai Mt. and western Wen-Rui-Tang River. By embracing this excellent natural environment, the design conceptually resembles a metaphor of Arcadia in the mountains. It aims to create comfortable living spaces for the elderly to enjoy extensively. Each building is set as courtyard outside of wards on ground floors, which link the buildings and connect with different open spaces. The exterior landscape also extends vertically to the facades and spread among each open space on each floor. The purpose of such design is for physically challenged elderlies to enjoy the nature and green spaces without limitation. An arcadia for body and soul is the ultimate design goal for such a social welfare center.

Location: Wen-Zhou City

Structural system: RC

Site area: 94,870㎡

Building coverage: 21,648㎡

Total floor area: 150,731㎡

No. of stories: Elderly building: 6 to 9 stories above grade;Elderly apartment: 1 below, 18 to 26 stories above grade

Design period: 2013.7 ~ 2014.3

Const. period: 2014.4 ~

Nursing Building: 582 beds

Independent Living Building: 1,822 beds

類別: Residential

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