Precision Instrument Development Center for the National Science Council

Situated in the Science-Based Industrial Park, this two-story structure with basement has a total floor area of 4,280 sq.m., a construction cost of NT67,800,000, and was completed in 1986.

The primary function of the center is to provide professional training on the use, maintenance, research and development of precision instruments. The building contains three zones: administration, laboratories and workshops. The administration spaces are arranged on two levels surrounding a garden court, and contain offices, a library, classrooms, plus a 120-seat lecture hall. The laboratory and workshop zones comprise a variety of disciplines including chemistry, optics, lasers, computers, electronics & vacuum testing laboratories & shops. The mechanical workshop, with its requirement for oversized spaces, and the chemistry workshop, with its need for special exhausts, are separately housed in identifiable forms to suit their functions.

The fenestration of the building is designed to meet the sun-screening requirements of different orientations; this design received a passive Energy Conservation Award from the Ministry of Interior in 1991.


Joint Venture Architect : Chin-Hwa Wang

類別: Office、R&D

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