R&D Building & Factory, Shye-Shyang Mechanical Industrial Co.

Shye-Shyang Co.’s primary products include the various accessories for motor vehicles such as muffler, pulley, fuel tank, steering column, exhaust pipe, dashboard frame work, reinforced car body plate, satellite dish. The company has two factory buildings in Hsinchu Science Park, and now needs to build an additional factory building for production and research on Guangfu Road.
The site is irregularly shaped, about 130 meters long and 80 meters wide, situated at the corner of Hsinchu Industrial Park, with only 40 meters of length facing the street. The design places the factory structure with its loading dock at the south side of the site, along Tiedao Road. while the main entrance of the R&D Building is located at the corner of Guangfu Road, with a large stretch of green lawn in front to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere; the Factory is placed next to the R&D Building, with vertical circulation towers serving both buildings at each end, thus the client is able to fully utilize the irregularly shaped site.
The main building at the corner of Guangfu Road assumes a curvilinear form to suggest an auspicious image, neat and graceful form makes it distinctive amid the multitude of factory buildings of Hsinchu Industrial Park.


Location: Hsinchu Industrial Park

Structural system: R&D Building:RC Factory:SS

Site area: 9,918㎡

Building coverage: 4,198㎡

Total floor area: 12,480㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 4 above grade

Design period: 2011.05 ~ 2011.10

Const. period: 2012.04 ~ 2013.11

類別: Manufacturing

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