R&D Building, Shanghai Way Design

The key design adopts the curve and speed of motorcycle vehicles. The entrance faces the neighboring riverside park while the welcome plaza enhances the profile of the building façade.

The high-ceilinged lobby connects to the atrium via a slope and guides the visual context upward from the ground to the roof. The green atrium is used as display area and also a leisure space for staff. The high ceiling and product demonstration areas lend a salon-like atmosphere to the interior. Skylights on the roof grant better natural light, ventilation and thermal dissipation.

The building humbly conveys a green, humanistic, and cultural vocabulary, encouraging a harmonious relationship with the surroundings and providing a comfortable space for users of both within and without.

Location : Jiading District

Structural system: RC

Site area: 7,490㎡

Building coverage: 3,270㎡

Total floor area: 11,213㎡

No. of stories : 4 above grade

Design period: 2010.12 ~ 2011.02

Const. period: 2011.3~ 2012.02

類別: Office、R&D

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