R&D Center, Pro MOS Technologies, Inc.

This project provides the research, development, checking, testing and managing requirements for the high-tech products manufactured by Pro MOS Technologies.


Phase I construction contains working and administration quarters for about 400 staff members, while allowing for future expansion in Phase II.


The primary design concept is based on the image of a “door". The architectural mass, supported on a series of structural frames, gives the impression of a “gateway" to the site, with a free composition of metal frame and glazed curtain walls providing ease of future addition. The service center is located at the intersection of staff and visitor entrances for maximum efficiency. Rooms for testing and checking are arranged on the lower floors, while research, design, lounge and dining areas occupy the higher floors with optimum views for stimulation and inspiration.


Color for the building exterior is primarily green as that of the company logo, supplemented by a system of grey tiles and baked aluminum panels. Units for the glazed curtain wall are factory manufactured for quality control and shorter construction time, using a green colored semi-reflective glass to recall the company identification.


In accordance with the local planning requirement, a 40 meter deep landscaped area is provided at the rear of the property where existing trees removed during construction are replanted in multiple layers when construction is complete.

Location: Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park

Structural system: Steel、RC

Site area: 15,200 ㎡

Building coverage: 5,305 ㎡

Total floor area : 42,160 ㎡

No. of stories: 2 below、7 above grade

Design period : 2005.06 ~ 2005.10

Const. period: 2005.11 ~ 2007.07

類別: R&D

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