R&D Centre, Kunshan Rotam Chemistry

Located at the eastern part of Kushan City, the R&D Center faces central ring road of the city to the west, and Long-Dong Road to the north, separated by a street with the phase I production plant. The R&D center is a site for the research and development of agricultural medicines. The result of its product should have important significance to the concerns of natural environment.

Facing north, three phases are planned for the buildings. Buildings are designed to be built from the south to the north and to ascend in height from the east to the west. Through interweaving & twisting of the building massing, the rhythm & order are created in the harmonious relationship. A green welcoming plaza is created to the south entrance, and through natural stepping of the landscape & activities created by the lower building platform, a totality of the complex is achieved. Rhythmic twisting balconies along with the green walls and solar control louvers help to form a dynamic appearance to the architecture.

Internal functions of the building are rather complicated. R&D and Administrative buildings are located independent to each other, and are connected with a foyer and dining hall, through & variety of public spaces on each floor, the design aims to stimulate interaction and create bonding relationship to the users.

Location: Kunshan City, China

Structural system: RC with partial SS

Site area: 24,294㎡

Building coverage: Phase I:7,469㎡,Total:13,111㎡

Total floor area: Phase I:37,363㎡,Total:75,582㎡

Phase I: R&D Building:8 above grade,Office Building :7 above grade,Laboratory / CUB:3 above grade

Phase II: Office Building:1 below, 12 above grade

Phase III: Parking Building:2 above grade

Design period : 2014.01 ~ 2014.04

類別: R&D

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