Recreation / Training Center, Macronix International Co.

Located on the north-eastern side of Macronix Headquarters Building, the site enjoys a superior view as it overlooks the hilly future park and a fault strip restricted for building. The project contains training classrooms, a library, a multi-purpose ball court, an indoor swimming pool, as well as dining and lounge facilities for the staff.   The building is composed of two principal parts connected by an enclosed passage, with a fore court arranged to suit the contours of the site. Main entrance to the building is located on the 2nd floor. Large glazed curtain walls permit a full view of the beautiful landscape beyond and minimize the separation between men and nature, while also encourage extending various activities to the outdoors.

Location: Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park

Structural system: Steel

Material : Exterior:sandwich panel ; glass curtain wall

Site area: 82,000㎡(incl. plant)

Building coverage: 3,400㎡

Total floor area : 12,500㎡

No. of stories: 1 below、4 above grade

Design period: 1999.10 ~ 2000.04

Const. period: 2001.01 ~ 2002.10

類別: Sport / Leisure

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