Renovation for Central Taiwan Science Park Plant, Sunspring Metal

Sunspring is a leading OEM manufacturing supplier delivering quality, world-class faucet components. This project is located in Central Taiwan Science Park where the traditional industry is barely rooted. The building revives by means of a series of exterior renovations.

The design vocabulary aims to be concise and poised. The wall is renovated via a curtain wall system, stone, aluminum plate, and mineral coating. Metal, streams, and tubes are used to further accentuate the vocabulary on the western elevation of the corporate’s spiritual image. Duranar-coated aluminum tubes in various widths frame both the wall of the entrance and stairs to present a rhythmic feature. This vertical characteristic is not only a metaphor for the client’s product but a good material to shade from the sun. An extra layer of the curtain wall is added to minimize the impact of thermal energy from the West and lessen the sun exposure on the existing wall.

The fountain in the plaza transforms into a reflecting pond echoing the silhouette of the building, thus creating a pioneering corporate style.

座落地點: 中部科學園區科雅路11號

結構系統: 鋼骨鋼筋混凝土造

基地面積: 31,285m²

建築面積: 18,723 m²

總樓地板面積: 40,629 m²

層數: 地下一層、地上四層

設計時間: 2015.01 ~ 2016.08

施工時間: 2015.08~

類別: Adaptive Reuse、Manufacturing

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