Renovation of the Library’s exterior of Soochow University

The Library at Soochow University has been affectionately nicknamed as the “White House” by students and alumnus, it is the only white building located in the center of the campus. In accordance with the Campus Environmental Renewal Plan, a handicap-free ramp is added between the Library and the Students Activity Center’s new sky bridge, so readers may reach the newly installed handicap-free elevator. Furthermore, as rainy weather prevails in the campus area, causing dirty streak pollution of the white walls, renovation of roof and fenestration drainage system is also an important part of the renovation.

In this design, the team added a protective outer frame to the north facing windows, which furthermore creates an interesting variation to the exterior appearance; and installed double-layered heat preventive glass at the windows for energy conservation. The windows may still be opened for ventilation during pleasant mild weather.

The main entrance to the Library is located on the south side of the building, where the team added a screen of wooden grille to symbolize knowledge from opened books as a welcoming sign for students; the team also added energy-preservation boards to the exterior wall, painted white and further protected by a stain resistant, breathe-able coating imported from Europe, and replaced the original layer of heat and water preventive installation for the roof.

The completed renovation further attracted students to the Library, where they may enjoy the beautiful mountain view while studying, and have breakfast on the outdoor second floor balcony.

Location: Shuangxi Campus, Soochow University

No. of stories: 1 below, 9 above grade

Design period: 2011.1 ~ 2011.5

Const. period: 2012.5 ~ 2012.11

類別: Education

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