Research Building, College of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University

Located at the northern edge of the Fu Jen Catholic University campus, this complex is the terminal of the campus axis. With the Chung Mei Auditorium as a radial center, and using the already existing College of Medicine building, the new research building redefines the boundaries of the medical campus with three buildings of varying heights. The application of curved glass walls to connect the new and old buildings, and the friendly new entrance plaza to the College of Medicine, have allowed the site to become a new landmark for the University.


The new building houses the six faculties of the college, including administration center and international conference center, doubled as a music hall, a medical library, and medical laboratories, large autopsy rooms, animal room, and a clinical center, along with traditional classrooms. Exterior wall materials employ non-glazed tiles matched with glass curtain walls, by means of minimalist design, reducing the massiveness of the building.


Aluminum covered exhaust vents are located on the north and south sides, andevery classroom is equipped with service windows, so that if there is a need to convert the classrooms into laboratories at a later date, the façade can remain unchanged. The entrance area was designed to complement the Chung Mei Auditorium, using small-leaved myrobalan trees with a curved path through grass terrain. Around the three buildings are planted herbal gardens for medical study practice. The large staircase and platform allow for outdoor activities, giving students a space to intermingle and have informal interactive activities.

Location: Taipei

Structural system: Structural system RC

Site area: 294,680m²

Building coverage: 6,060m²

Total floor area: 47,260m²

No. of stories: 1 below、12 above grade

Design period: 2002.06 ~ 2003.11

Const. period: 2004.04 ~ 2006.09

類別: Education、R&D

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