Sanxia Residential Project

The name of Sanxia District originated from “Sankyo”, which refers to the triangular plain nourished by three rivers; Dahan River, Sanxia River, and Heng River. Back in the days, the region was flourished with blue dye vegetation. Together with clean water from the surrounding and the geographical advantages, Sanxia became one of the main blue-dye industries.

The project adapts the concept of blue-dye tradition and applies it onto elevation design. The color gradient extended from the façade to the courtyard, the canopies, and the store signs to enhance design consistency and recall the unique local business.

The buildings are gathered along the north to block out nouth-east wind during winter. Courtyards are placed on the south to take in south-west wind during summer.

In order to accentuate cultural awareness, open plazas are placed on the corners of Guo-Ching Road and San-Shu Road to act as a stop-point on the way to the famous Zushi Temple, and to welcome passengers from the metro station.

A central courtyard with a control point is placed within the neighborhood to identify entrance. Corridors are connected to each building in order to provide shading and amenity spaces for the tenants.

類別: Paper Architecture、Residential

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