Shanghai Greenland Plaza

With existing 6-story residential buildings on its north side and the elevated Yen-An Elevated Expressway flanking its south, the site has many constraints. Thus it was a real challenge for the architect to design it as an attractive residential compound for young white-collar workers, and as an exemplary small-size site development and a model national housing project for the city of Shanghai.


A public park of approximately 4,593 m2 in area is created along Yen-An West Road so that residents may enjoy sunlight, breeze and green environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The project is designed with an intricate landscape planning and a south-facing orientation for every apartment to enjoy a beautiful view over the park.


Facade design incorporates a classical “three part" structure into the contemporary style: the top part is characteristic of the community, featuring light weight projections of varying heights, interlacing overhang components and windowsill variations for spatial interest. The middle part with recessed terraces gives striking light and shadow contrasts by the design of partial hollowing of the façade. The bottom part uses carefully crafted details in pleasing colors and texture to create a gracious community atmosphere.

Location: Chang Ning Area, Shanghai

Structural system: Reinforced concrete

Site area: 9,186 ㎡

Total floor area: 30,000m2 (520 units of suites)

No. of stories: 1 below, 27 above grade

No. of rooms: 485 rooms

Design period: 2001.10 ~ 2002.04

Const. period: 2002.05 ~ 2003.12

Award record: China Service Apartment Design Award, second place • Shanghai Outstanding Single Building Residential Design Award, third place

類別: Hospitality、Residential

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