Shenzhen Golf Villa Project

An idea of “loop house” was transformed into a pedestrian circulation that borders the surrounding landscape and activity without any constraints as if wandering on fluffy clouds or in flowing water, while incessantly perceive the connection both in and out from body to soul.

A considerable balcony extends to opposite direction on each floor to form a staggered building figure, blunt the boundary of both interior & exterior, and provide vivid recreation space. It is also a relaxed area with maximized greenery space where the occupants relish.

Vertical circulation set at the outer side to soften the relationship among each level to bring a smooth and loose feeling within this more than 100-ping space. A water slide connects the pools both on 3rd floor and the one in the basement to fashion interesting and unique life experience.

In order to extend the landscape from the exterior, the walls of 1st floor are movable that can be fully opened in pleasant weather while skylights are arranged in the basement to carry more sunlight into the interior. A 1-to-3-level green atrium lies in the core of the building as a “lung of space” facilitating air convection, and a place for relaxing the body and soul. The inner circulation climbs along with the atrium upon the roof to deliver the greenery, vivid, comfortability, and, meanwhile, interact with the aureate sunlight.
The horizontally elongated overhang on the north side, and stairs, waterslide, and balconies among levels aim to break the stereotype of monotony stacking residential units while convey a rhythmic vocabulary on the façade. The vertical elevation uses elements of wood and stones to echo upon the concept of co-existence with nature. Due to a 100-m high hotel sitting on the south, the green grille together with vertical garden, solar panels, and water-harvesting channels not only keeps privacy from the building but accomplishes the function of energy saving. This project redefines the life aesthetics and realize the concept of living surrounding with the green via re-construct the relationship among architecture, trees, water, and landscape.

Location: Shenzhen Genzon Golf Club

Structural system: RC & partial steel truss

Site area: 16,200㎡

Building coverage: 300㎡

Total floor area: 2,000㎡

No. of stories: 3 below, 3 above grade

Design period: 2014.02 ~ 2014.05

類別: Residential

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