ShiDa Road Residential Building Complex

The project is situated on Shida Rd., along the linear Shida Park. The structure is six levels above grade, and one below. The first and second levels are business spaces, the third and fourth levels are apartments (a single unit at each level), the fifth and sixth levels are duplex apartment, and the basement is used for parking and utility room.


Taking the nearby environment and natural conditions into consideration, the building is orientated north-south. The service core is allocated on the west side, permitting sufficient light and natural ventilation in the living spaces and avoiding western exposure. Public spaces in each apartment unit, including the living room and dining room, and also the master bedroom are arranged on the north side facing the park, to make the most of the site geography and allow for a best view.


The clear-cut exterior featuring the combination of horizontal plates and vertical volume, added by a harmonious variation of different materials and colors exhibits a composed yet modern aura. Given the chaotic urban surroundings, this building poses as a fresh and serene corner. The three-story high Michelia tree on the north side of the site was planted over thirty years ago by the client and is a souvenir of historical memories, yielding greenness to the street palette.

Location: Da-an District, Taipei

Structural system: RC

Site area: 418 ㎡

Building coverage : 187 ㎡

Total floor area: 1,360 ㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 6 above grade

Design period: 2006.06 ~ 2006.09

Const. period : 2006.10 ~ 2008.08

類別: Residential

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