SIS R&D Building, Silicone Integrated Systems Corp.

Located in Hsinchu city, about 5 minutes by car from the Science Based Industrial Park, this building contains a 300 seat Lecture Hall, a Dining Hall, Indoor Ball Courts, an Exercise room and Dance Studio for the staff, in addition to the usual administration and research space.

The site is irregularly shaped, with an 8-meter difference in height from the road in front. The design therefore worked out a L shaped entry road which turns and bends at an angle of more than 90 degrees to arrive at the main entrance lobby on the third floor, while providing an entry plaza in the limited space. The varying heights and angles of the building mass create contrast and form a chief design motive. A simple and neat metal and glass exterior wall expresses the spirit of high-tech technology.

Location: Hsinchu

Structural system : Steel、RC

Material : glass、fluoropolymer coating aluminum curtain wall system、tile

Site area : 7,800㎡

Building coverage : 4,590㎡

Total floor area: 45,450㎡

No. of stories: 4 below、7 above grade

Design Period: 2000.10 ~ 2001.06

Const. Period: 2001.03 ~ 2002.06

類別: Office、R&D

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