Staff Dormitories for Lien Hwa Industrial Co., TaoYuan

The site is located on Ming-Fu road in Yangmei Township of Taoyuan County and is 10,318 sq.m. in area. The project includes two dormitory buildings, one for single personnel and the other for married staff with families. The former has an air raid shelter in the basement, a lounge and training classroom on the ground floor, and ninety-six double rooms with bath on the second through fifth floors, twenty four rooms per floor. The latter contains ten units of duplex apartments each of 105 sq.m..

Both buildings are five stories and built of reinforced concrete with exterior walls finished in a combination of 10 x 10 cm glazed tile and textured concrete. Total floor area is 6,020 sq.m., construction cost is NT$80,000,000 and it was completed in February, 1995.

類別: Dormitory

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