Staff Dormitory for Taitung Christian Hospital

“Dong-Ji”, short for Taitung Christian Hospital, has a slogan: “More than a hospital, we’ll go wherever we’re needed!” thus hospital workers maintain the original spirit and enthusiasm of “TEAM”: The Evangelical Alliance Mission. Having completed the new Dong-Ji Medical Building in 2003, continual training of the younger generation in the rear mountain area on healing and nursing care becomes an ongoing task.
In recent years, the shortage of physicians and nurses in Taiwan directly affected hospital operations. To reward the overworked staff members, Taitung Christian Hospital decided to build a new dormitory building for their better accommodation environment.
The design and planning aim to improve the living quality of the dormitory by utilizing the shape of the property to design a triangular common area on every floor, separating the private sleeping areas with public lounges, which avoid the placing of doors opposite each other, and provides brightly lit corridors. Furniture arrangement must consider the rotating shift of working hours for most doctors and nurses, and storage spaces are enlarged to accommodate residents who stay for prolonged periods.

Location: TaitungCity

Structural syste: RC

Site area: 1,245㎡

Building coverage: 657㎡

Total floor area: 2,586㎡

No. of stories: 4 above grade

Design period: 2012.06 ~ 2013.01

Const. period: 2013.06 ~ 2014.12

類別: Dormitory

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