Standard Factory, Chunan Base of Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

The Standard Factory is designed for lease to electronic trades by Administration of Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park. The building contains 40 standard units each 760 square meters in area.


A double-height, oval dining room will form a control public space after Phase II is added to the west side. A lobby and loading dock is provided for each two standard units, these having been designed to expand to three units when required. The curved curtain wall provides a focal interest, and the exterior wall design embodies the vigor and efficiency of the high-tech profession.

Location : Chunan

Structural system : Steel

Material: glass、stone veneer curtain wall with glazed tile、Kynar finished aluminum panel

Site area : 119,470㎡

Building coverage: 7,010㎡

Total floor area : 54,500㎡

No. of stories: 3 below、5 above grade

Design period : 2000.01 ~ 2000.07

Const. period : 2000.07 ~ 2002.06

類別: Manufacturing、R&D

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