Standard Factory, Science-Based Industrial Park

Each year the administration of the Science-Based Industrial Park allots funds to build several standard factories varying from 500 to 1,000 sq.m. in size, for rent to newly-established companies. These factories can provide them with spaces for research, development and production until their own plants can be built.

The standard factory has a public entrance hall and loading dock; each unit also has its own electrical and mechanical space, lavatories, etc., and flexible space for production. Since 1981, our firm has been responsible for designing these factories at several stages of the development:

Stage III:Two simple two-story structures with high-tech image, containing a total of 16 units, each about 545 sq.m. in size. One structure has a basement for dining and other public uses. Completed in 1982, at a total construction cost of about NT$68,000,000.

Stage IV:A repetition of Stage III, with altered site plans to reflect environmental factors.

Stage VI:A total of five two-story buildings. Four of these are identical, placed in a quadrangle forming a central courtyard. Each has eight units, each measuring about 545 sq.m. The fifth building has four units, each of which measures approximately 330 sq.m. Built from 1985 through 1986, their total construction cost was about NT$185,000,000.

Stage VII:This project for a two-story structure with basement attempts to merge a simplified traditional Chinese-vocabulary with modern high-tech features. The above ground floors contain eight units of 825 sq.m. each; a dining room and public facilities are located in the basement. Construction cost was NT$51,400,000, and it was completed in 1987.

Stage VIII:Several factories were built in this stage. Building A being similar to the stage VII structure with minor variations, and a construction cost of NT$52,500,000. It was completed in 1990. Building B is different from most standard factories in that it provides a number of mini-incubator units, each 100 sq.m. in area, which are rented and may be combined in one-, two-, or three-unit suites; shared public facilities include conference rooms, administration offices, lavatories, mechanical equipment and loading dock, and aim at reducing operational costs for newly-established companies. The five-story building with basement has a total floor area of 4,455 sq.m., a construction cost of NT$32,000,000, and was completed in 1988.

In addition, as rental units are in great demand, three additional three- to four-story factories have been built, providing a total of 40 rental units of 660 sq.m. – 1,320 sq.m. The design attempted again to incorporate certain traditional motives, and organized the new and existing structures in this area to form a unified block, with a central landscaped parking lot. The total floor area is 5,072 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$186,500,000. It was completed in 1989.

Stage IX:Seven factories were built, of which buildings A and B each repeat the design of one of the 40-unit factories in stage VIII, providing 16 1,000-sq.m. units. Buildings C, D, E, F, G form one zone, of which buildings C and D are four stories high, while E, F, G are three stories, with building E providing a dining room and recreation room for the group. Buildings C, D, and E are production-oriented factories, each with 660 sq.m. units. Building F contains smaller, 330 sq.m. units, used primarily for research and development. Total construction cost was NT$200,000,000; it was completed in 1990. This stage was carried out in a joint venture with Chi-Ta Architects.

類別: Manufacturing、R&D

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