Stella Matutina Hill Elderly Housing and Nursing Home Center

Also known as the “Sacred Love Villa” (originally Stella Matutina Hill Elderly Housing and Nursing Home Center), the project was funded by Taichung Hsiao Ming Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The client obtained the Bian Tou Keng land stretch in Taiping County for the site in the year of 1993. After that, the processes of Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil and Water Conservation Plans, acquiring slope land development permit, permit for miscellaneous construction, and change of land category had taken a long time. During this period, incidents of the Herb Typhoon, the Lincoln Mansion collapse, followed by the 921 earthquake that affected the hillside development regulations kept delaying the building project and subjecting it to repeated modifications.


The new Sacred Love Villa changes the original design of 7-story to 4-story building, and the layout is trimmed to L-shape configuration. “Living and revolving” is the design concept for creating a layering and changing effect of the space. The Villa is built according to the contours of the site. The first floor is the cafeteria and classrooms; the second floor houses the main entry vestibule, congregational hall, classrooms and part of the dormitory. The entire third floor is the dormitory, and the fourth floor contains a laundry room and a semi-outdoor congregational space. The project was initially planned as long-term care center for the elderly, and now it is open to church members, social workers and the general public. Lodging and meals are also provided.


To integrate the mountain scenery and carry on the modest spirit of the client, the exterior wall is finished with gray washed aggregate to go with aluminum grating and glass panes. The rooftop congregational space features a big span design, and the rhythmic skylight lends variation to the sunlight streaming down. Beyond the large classrooms is a lawn extending from the green belt, with the word L-O-V-E carved out to highlight the spirit of the Sacred Heart Villa.

Location: Taiping County, Taichung

Structural system: RC

Site area: 96,096㎡

Building coverage: 1,750㎡

Total floor area: 5,290㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 4 above grade

Design period: 2006.02 ~ 2006.09

Const. period : 2006.11 ~ 2007.12

類別: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities、Religious

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