Student Dormitory Phase II, Chung Yuan Christian University

The new dormitories are situated at the east side of the ring shaped campus, in accordance with the revised city plan Zhongli city and Taiwan Railroad’s planned elevated station for Chung Yuan Christian University, as well as the construction of a planned new street. The existing “Li-Xin” dormitory located on this planned street will be demolished. As the university plans to enroll more international students as well as students from the mainland China, the need to build new students dormitories for a total of about 1,600 beds becomes urgent.

There is an existing “Xin-Shi” dormitory occupies at the center of the site. The new dormitories, A and B with 1200 beds primarily for local students & adequate parking spaces at the north of ‘Xin-Shi” dormitory, becomes the apparent solution. The new dormitory C with 400 beds for international students and teachers thus is located west of the existing dormitory. The design requires that the division of residential spaces must be flexible enough to permit future change into family units. In addition, a number of multi-purpose classrooms, performance halls, as we as rental restaurant and cafe spaces are required. It is a challenging design task for a site of limited size.

Dormitories are not merely a complex of individual living spaces, they are social training grounds where people need to respect individual privacy, learn the art of negotiation during conflict, and cultivate cooperation with others, For these goods, the dormitory living wishes to also help the students to obtain a “holistic education”, the primary educational aim of Chung Yuan Christian University.

Location: Taoyuan County

Structural system: RC & SC

Site area: 21,506㎡

Building coverage: 3,125 ㎡

Total floor area: 27,727㎡

No. of stories: Dormitory A 1 below 13 above grade、Dormitory B 1 below 12 above grade、Dormitory C 1 below 11 above grade

Design period: 2013.05 ~ 2014.04

Const. period: 2015.03 ~2017.09

類別: Education

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