Sung Chiang Poetry Park Taipei

Sung Chiang Poetry Park is located on Sung Chiang Street in a business district of Taipei. This 1,710 sq.m. urban community park was re-designed through donations from seven private enterprises. In the new design, shade-providing trees were preserved ; the original surrounding fence and bushes were removed to produce a visual effect of transparency and to allow for a more inviting environment. The new design divides the rectangular-shaped park into two zones. The front is used by office workers for leisure and assembly. A sunken square plaza engraved with a Chinese chess board and tables positioned under trees serve this purpose. A children’s playground surrounded by a grass berm is located in the back of the park, where the neighboring streets are more residential.
A podium/pavilion is placed in the middle as a stage for performances. Chinese poems are carved into the columns and on the plaza pavement to provide a cultural dimension to the park.
The construction cost for this project was NT$11,000,000, and the park was completed in the spring of 1991. After its opening, the newly-designed park received wide acclamation and favorable response. The park received the Outstanding Open Space Award by Cultural Planning and Development Council and a silver medal by the National Chinese Architect Magazine in 1993.

類別: Culture/Exhibition、Landscape、Planning、Sport / Leisure

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