Sunny Forest Hill Stage I&II Development

For the past twelve years, Pacific Construction Co. and its partner enterprise Synpac Development Inc. have been planning “Pacific Sunshine Mountain Grove" residential development on the sloped land of Yangmei township in Taoyuan County. This project represents the two first phases of the masterplan, renamed “Sunshine State" Housing Development. On a site about 48,000 sq.m. in area, 520 dwelling units with a total floor area of 62,520 sq.m. are to be built. Typical units are a rowhouse and a duplex-townhouse varying in size from 100 to 200 sq.m. as well as four eight to twelve storey apartment towers. In addition, a community center consisting of health club, indoor swimming pool, library, adult-education classrooms, playground and convenience shops will serve various residential groups via carefully planned roadways, pedestrian walks and parklands. This project began selling in the summer of 1993 and by the time construction started in October the houses were already 90% sold, a highly successful record when the real estate market was in recession.

Location: Yangmei, Taoyuan County

Site area: Phase I : 50,518 ㎡ 、Phase II : 42,520 ㎡

Building coverage: Phase I : 13,400 ㎡ 、Phase II : 10,137 ㎡

Total floor area: Phase I : 62,526 ㎡ 、Phase II : 30,981 ㎡

No. of stories: Phase I : 1 below, 3,4,11 or 12 above grade 、Phase II : 1 below, 3,4, or 5 above grade

Design period : Phase I : 1993.02 ~ 1993.09 、Phase II : 1993.11 ~ 1994.10

Const. period : Phase I : 1994.03 ~ 1995.03 、Phase II : 1994.12 ~ 1996.10

類別: Residential

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