Taichung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System – DG02

Taichung City Metro Transit System Wuri to Bei-Tuen Line (Metro Green Line for short) expands 16.51km throughout Taichung city. The route starts from G1 station in Bei-Tuen on the east to G17 station in Wuri on the west. Among which, G4 and G13 stations are connected to Taiwan Railway Stations, G9 on Taiwan Boulevard is a transit station to metro blue line, and G17 station is connected to Wuri HSR Station. The project boundary expands 7.95km from Sung-Chu Rd. all the way to the south of Taiwan Boulevard, including eight elevated metro stations and trail tracks, and three electrical substations. Metro green line will play a crucial role in the connection between the city center and the vibrant developing urban areas on the west side. It will also bring further opportunities to the development of Wen-Shin Rd. areas.

In order to accentuate regional characteristics and architectural quality in Taichung City, each station design adopts the ideas of convergent and crystallization.
Convergent – Metro Green Line aims to converge crowds from all directions and to act as an urban vessel that delivers passengers in and out of the city. The linear design therefore represents the movement and speed in an urban transportation system.
Crystallization – The project aims to reflect on the local sugar production industry. The process from sugar cane extraction to crystallization is expressed through structural system and the handling of architectural details.
To reflect on the regional characteristics for each station, topics such as heron, knit,
overlap, stream, flourish, and crossover, are adopted to create smooth circulation and contemporary transportation building for the city.

Each station is complemented with skywalks to take in circulations from all directions. By reducing the building massing, the stations express lightness, transparency, and simplicity, which also bring logical budget control to the construction. Located on the intersection of Chung-Gang Rd. and Wen-Shin Rd, G9 station stands on the west of Taichung Civic District and National Taichung Theater, which is expecting to be one of the busiest areas in the near future. Apart from transporting passengers from metro green line on ground level, the station also needs enough capacity for crowds coming from metro blue line underground and Taichung Civic District. In order to prevent capacity overload from the three directions, the station was designed with spacious open spaces and multi-levels of skywalks to efficiently evacuate passengers. G9 station is designed with linear curvature to reflect on the dynamic circulation and create a fresh architectural language for the contemporary city.

Location: Taichung City

Total floor area: 82,500㎡ (8 stations)

Design period: 2007.05 ~ 2008.11

Const. period: 2009.01 ~ 2013.01

類別: Transportation / Infrastructure

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