Taichung Office & Plant, PeiLi Pharmaceutical Ind.

Located in Taichung Industrial Park adjacent to the hillside of Dadu Mountain, the site has a relatively limited area to develop. In spite of the rigid code and regulatory conditions, this headquarters aims to deliver a distinct image, integrate the manufacturing functions and maximize the value of the land.

Despite the height limitation, the design adopts the massing transformation, clear building proportion, and the exterior wall cladding member to convey the visual elegance. Meanwhile, the void and solid vocabulary strengthen the architectural relationship inside out of the buildings to express the idea of the precise pharmaceutical process. This project consists of two building masses, an office, and a pharmaceutical plant. The glazed façade office building faces the roads to show the balance of the professionalism, upright, continuous improvement, and the graceful beauty of the enterprise. The plant features with the classic and refined pharmaceutical specialties via a coating envelope sitting at the rear next to the mountain.

The unique double-layered wall at west side converts the massive sun exposure to an energy-saving highlight. The crystal transparency of the wall also echoes upon the client’s philosophy, “a lantern in life light up and safeguarding the health.”


Location: Taichung Industrial Park

Structural system: RC

Site area: 2,990 m²

Building coverage: 1,492 m²

Total floor area: 7,816 m²

No. of stories: 1 below, 6 above grade

Cost: NT$ 262,000,000

Design period: Design period 2017.10 ~ 2018.10

類別: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical

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