Tainan Science Park Plant, AURIA SOLAR Co. Ltd.

The project is Auria Solar Company’s first plant for producing solar cells. The main construction work consists of the office area, a plant and other supporting factories. The yearly production volume is expected to reach 60MW in the future.
The stories above grade are planned for a reception lobby, staff cafeteria, offices, and operation plant and other auxiliary spaces. The basement is mainly a garage for cars and motorbikes, an air-raid shelter and utility room. The garage can accommodate 103 cars and 156 motorbikes.
On the southwestern side of the project bordering a 29m main road and the space above the main entrance is the office area. The elevation adopts a wide span of curtain wall system. Other plant area use more economical insulated board system. The plant features low saturation and high-brightness color of Ju Ware for the main volume. The shielding panels of the west exterior wall not only symbolize the corporate logo, but also enrich the exterior wall with varying sunlight angles.
The canopy on the entrance of the office area projects outward by 8 meters and is covered with solar cells, a design of both environmental concern and for company product display. The landscape is arranged with a diversity of plants and an eco pool, with a view to providing the staff a high-quality environment for work and breaks.

Location: Tainan Science Park

Structural system : Steel, RC

Site area: 36,180 ㎡

Building coverage: 16,030 ㎡

Total floor area: 24,622 ㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 2 above grade

Design period: 2008.01 ~ 2008.02

Const. period : 2008.03 ~ 2009.03

類別: Manufacturing

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