Taipei Metro Circular Line DF112

Design Concept

Taipei Metro Circular Line is an elevated, medium-capacity steel track transit. Based from our extensive experience in transportation buildings, all stations are designed with natural lighting, transparency, spaciousness, and quality. The metro system is perceived as a massive network of art that reaches out to the city. The trains and the cabins are mobile artworks in the network which integrate engineering, signage, landscape, lighting, furniture, architecture, and art into the grand system. Thus, it generates a highly accessible tool to promote the city.

The circular line passes through a wide range of urban environment within New Taipei City. The design concept therefore extracts qualities from various light sources along the way to express synthesis of the city. Sunlight, neon lights, apartment lights, and transportation lights are transformed into design elements to represent different stages of photosynthesis, including absorption, infiltration, transmission, digestion, transformation, preservation, and production. These stages are then conceptualized onto building façade or into interior spaces from Station Y8 to Station Y14. Thus, all stations each express unique characteristics while staying within the same overall design logic.

Location: Zhonghe District & Banqiao District, New Taipei City Network length approximately 6.3 kilometers

Structural system: RC/SS

Site area (station): Y8 :3,700㎡,Y9 :1,165㎡,Y10 :2,853㎡,Y11 :2,409㎡,Y12 :1,669㎡,Y13 :1,949㎡,Y14 :4,600㎡

Building coverage (station): Y8 :2,421㎡,Y9 :801㎡,Y10 :2,700㎡,Y11 :1,531㎡,Y12 :824㎡,Y13 :1,138㎡,Y14 :2,947㎡

Total floor area (station): Y8 :27,253㎡,Y9 :9,949㎡,Y10 :apply to existing station,Y11 :17,134㎡,Y12 :11,577㎡,Y13 :11,190㎡,Y14 :30,839㎡

No. of stories (station): Y8 : 5 below, 5 above grade,Y9 : 3 below, 5 above grade,Y10 : 5 above grade,Y11 : 4 below, 6 above grade,Y12 : 3 below, 6 above grade,Y13 : 3 below, 5 above grade,Y14 : 6 below, 4 above grade

Design period: 2008.12 ~ 2010.12

Const. period: 2011.5

類別: Transportation / Infrastructure

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