Taiwan Baptist Mission Roosevelt Road Housing Taipei

The Taiwan Baptist Mission, a non-profit organization, has invested in this community housing project, completed in 1995. The 12-story building with two below-ground levels has a total floor area of 8,884 sq.m. and a construction cost of NT$227,900,000. On each of the first ten floors, reflecting the set-back requirement governed by building code, there are four typical units of 100 to 120 sq.m.. Duplexes with two-story high living rooms and large window panes are designed for the higher (11th and 12th) floors with set-backs. Fire escapes are located in the back of each unit for security. Trees and grass areas on the site have been preserved as much as possible, or else transplanted. Special consideration has been given to the placement of window air-conditioners, the service balcony and the arrangement of kitchen and bathroom fixtures in order to satisfy living habits while also aiming to meet international living standards, so that the units may later serve the needs of the international community.

類別: Residential

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