Taiwan Dramatic Arts Center

Morning bells and evening stone chimes resonate without stopping. Green bamboos and yellow flowers show at intervals.

Site conditions:
Located on the east bank of a creek, flanking the residential building on the north, the site has a fragmented shape with convenient transportation.
Design description:
Traditional Chinese garden routes are planned to create a touring bridge that crosses the main road and connects a MRT station with Taiwan Dramatic Arts Center. The space below the bridge doubles as weather arcade in the rainy season. The promotion center building on the front side of the site posts the latest news of events, while the outdoor theater between the rehearsal buildings allows dramatic programs to relive on the temple court. On holidays, it can also be shifted to a locus for creative fairs, adding to the colors of the civilian life.
The Center is one of the few performing locations in Taiwan that has its own resident bands. The interior space inside the rehearsal building is divided into 4 sections with distinct characters.
The structural system employs staggered vierendeel truss to arrange asymmetrically the main rehearsing halls for bands to avoid interferences. The overhanging building mass provides shading and forms the outdoor theater stage backdrop, providing sound reflection during rehearsals. The multi-function rehearsing area behind the wall can be opened, and when this wall is opened, the multi-function rehearsing space turns into a stage extended from the outdoor theater. The platforms in the back extending toward the creek create an open leisure space and a place for artists’ morning voice-training practice.
The performing hall illustrates its role as an artistic performing stage taking the shape of a “folded stone chime,” a traditional Chinese musical instrument, along the contour of the site. The architectural mass functions as a screen to lessen sound disturbances and shield the residential building next door.

Location : Shihlin, Taipei

Structural system : Main structure: Steel, Underground levels: RC

Site area: 17,609㎡

Building coverage : 7,200㎡

Total floor area: 36,190㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 8 above grade

Design period: 2009.12 ~ 2010.02

類別: Paper Architecture

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