Taiwan Photon Source Facility, NSRRC

The project is located on the west side of HSIP, on a site with a gentle slope of 1/16 or about 6%. The main building is a circular accelerator with a diameter of 220 meters, which provides the world’s brightest light source for Synchrotron. Auxiliary buildings consist of an Activity Center and a Utility Building, which are situated beside Yenfa Road VI, to accommodate spaces for academic interchange and dining, as well as a 90-room guesthouse facility. The Utility Building provides the water, electricity, cooling and de-ionized water required by the TPS.

Due to the site restrictions, it was necessary to first solve the problem of synergizing the old and new buildings, which preserves the function of the existing administration building. Next, a stable experimental environment is provided with stringent control of micro vibrations and constant temperature. The exterior design uses “flowing light” as a primary theme, accompanied by a façade with varied divisions in a neat and lively style.

Last, in order to preserve the forest land on the northeast corner, the Recreation Building is placed on the southeast among with the existing buildings.

Location : Hsinchu Science-base Industrial Park

Structural system : Steel, RC

Site area: 100,410㎡

Building coverage : 100,375㎡

Total floor area: 43,225㎡

No. of stories : Booster & Storage Ring Building/ 3 below、1 above grade Activity Center/ 2 below、6 above grade Utility Building III/ 2 above grade

Design period: 2007.10 ~ 2008.12

Const. period : 2009.01 ~ 2013.12

類別: R&D

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