Taoyuan international airport access MRT stations

To travelers, rapid transit stations linking the airport and cities are nodes where the pleasure of starting or finishing journeys is celebrated. Through a series of individualistic yet iconic architecture at the airport transit stations, the message of “flashing by the swift train, soaring up on the silver wings” is conjured up around its neighborhood.


The A2 station is built high above the dike which makes it the first elevated station from downtown after the train leaves the underground tunnel. Its platform featuring a tube-shaped lattice structure clad in zinc-aluminum alloyed sheets symbolizes the interwoven flow of passengers. The curved roof with thin metal skin is slightly lifted at an angle off the horizon to create a gesture simulating a plane take-off.


Along the elevated transit line, each station is distinctively recognized by its form and layout shaped by a neighboring urban context. By adopting A2 station as a prototype, the A3 station inherits and duplicates its predecessor’s tube-shaped roof and transforms it into an image of the avian or aircraft hangar.


For the next three stations—A4, A5, and A6, the prototype is further simplified with a sense of modernity. The roof of flat metal panels is shaped resembling folded paper planes as a reminder of jetliners. The station buildings’ fenestrations follow the circulation of passengers to imply the direction of travels. Through transparent walls and windows, visual links between travelers and streetscape help promote the identity of each station and its neighborhood. As trains pass by, these stations will function as catalysts activating diversified lifestyles within cities and thus stimulating the vigorous energy of the metropolis.

Location : New Taipei City

Total floor area: 42,933㎡

Design period : 2006. 03 ~ 2008.01

類別: Transportation / Infrastructure

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