Taoyuan Museum of Arts Competition

JJP Architects and Planners led the team and collaborated with MVRDV, TOPOTEK1 and other leading consultants on the design competition for the Taoyuan Museum of Arts.

Taoyuan is known as the land of a thousand ponds, of which one of the largest and most famous is the Blue Pond Park. The pond occupies a large portion of the project’s northern site while the southern site has an irrigation canal and is adjacent to Old Street Creek. Such naturalistic environment in the midst of an urban setting projects a sense of surprising vibrancy. The peach flower, with its seasonal changes and strong vitality, is thus an ideal inspiration for the architectural design.

The design envisions three flower-like clusters according to functions: exhibition, education and multimedia. The clusters are simultaneously independent and dependent with a sinuous bridge connecting the cores of each flower. Each cluster in turn consists of several overlapping petals of various dimensions to satisfy different functions. The stacking of volumes leads to interesting spatial relationships and shading effects.

The pinkish hue of the aluminum alloy exterior wall panel renders an unmistakable character; while the steel truss structural system satisfies the need for large-span, column-free spaces. The mechanical system design takes advantage of the building configuration by providing flexibility for the different needs of each cluster and adopting passive energy-saving strategies to achieve a sustainable design.

The urban planning is based on five large public spaces, creating a series of “rooms” that convey Taoyuan’s unique image of “green parks, lively water, and blooming peach flowers”. The project is located within the pink room, which takes its name from the ancient Chinese fable ‘Peach Blossom Spring’. The landscape design extends the petal theme of the buildings, which has soft edges that allow them to fit nicely within a field of vibrant colors and meandering trails that connect various elements such as playgrounds, shore platforms and an amphitheater. The art museum and its surrounding landscape not only seeks to become a people-oriented cultural destination, but also serve as a pleasant rear garden in the city.

Selected as one of four teams from a field of 14 entrants to proceed to the final stage, the JJP team ultimately achieved third place.

location: : Taoyuan, Taiwan

year: 2018

program: 29,000 sqm

co-architects:: MVRDV

engineering: Steensen Varming

consultants:: Envision Engineering Consultants, Environmental Arts Design, The Urbanists Collaborative, Yuan-Tai Engineering Consulting, Majestic Engineering Consultants, Taiwan Tech, and Curator Pei-Ni Beatrice Hsieh

類別: Culture/Exhibition、Paper Architecture

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