The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University


Most of the buildings built in this campus are oriented in a north-south direction with side wings connecting to each other. A grid-like infrastructure was well organized and implemented since the early days of its founding. The new proposed building is to be situated on the eastern skirt of the campus which neighbors the residential development to the east and main academic building to the west. With run-down buildings to the north and phasing-out auditorium to the south, the proposed building serves an opportunity to link all the current and future phases of the development under one roof.


From the outset of this project, the site is seen as a conditional field with spatial matrix of diverse elements which together form a complete whole with both macro and micro influences. This field is not measured based on its materiality, rather, by its very immaterial forces, flux. By definition, flux means a continued flow, lines of forces or energy through a given surface. In this particular school project, a flowing of fluid dynamic from the student body throughout the campus becomes the driving concept for the proposed building itself.

Design & Strategy

With strong Axial quality of this campus, the proposed building intends to respect the implemented grid with a modern language that would speak to its past with a present tense. The distribution of given program was planned in relation to the flux observed, directed and generated. The interplay of voids within solid becomes places for students to linger and stay during the off-hours of the day. The paths connecting these voids further extend in all direction except to the East for future linkages and extensions.

Materiality & Assembly

In respect to the existing campus, pastel colors and repeated elements were deployed when designing this newly proposed building. Modern material such as perforated aluminum panels were featured to shade the structure from the eastern and western sun while presenting a coherent color scheme to its adjacent buildings. Punched windows were also cast-in-placed with smooth concrete finish for lasting sensation.


A building like this is a true hybrid of flux and program under one sustainable roof. The very nature of this building proposal has departed from the traditional analysis of existing conditions and the likes; rather, it deploys the latest concept of dynamics and logic-driven strategies. It is a new kind of architecture with emergence of new understanding for human space, be it a school, an apartment complex or an office building

類別: Education、Paper Architecture

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