Tin Ka Ping Opto-Electronics Research Center, National Chiao Tung University

Centered on the Kuang-Fu Campus of National Chiao Tung University, the site is longer on the north and south sides, shorter on the west and east, in close vicinity with the entrance on University Road. The site borders the interface between teaching, research and eco-athletic facilities which face the plaza and the boulevard in the south. The building is endowed with beautiful surroundings and a broad view.


The formal illustrative concept is “Light Up Your Life,” which incorporates the imagery of opto-electronic technology in the design to display the diversity of light in color, shadow, and deflection. Opto-electronic products such as LED and TFT LCD are coded as architectural language that reminds people of what opto-electronic technology has achieved in a traditional light when they approach this project. The building further highlights the contribution the technology makes to human meta-physical accomplishment.


The opto-electronic plaza facing the south enjoys sufficient natural light. The windows of the north-looking research dens afford pleasant greenery to researchers during breaks. Sun shades that function as light screen in research rooms are provided for energy-saving. Public corridors and the elevator lobby are all naturally ventilated.

Location: National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu

Structural system: RC

Site area: 5,250 ㎡

Building coverage : 2,012 ㎡

Total floor area : 14,614 ㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 7 above grade

Design period: 2005.06 ~ 2007.01

Design period: 2007.01 ~ 2009.01

類別: Education、R&D

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