Truth Lutheran Church Reconstruction

This multi-functional project is situated at Gong Guan business district, right across National Taiwan University, and is known as one of the most prosperous area in metro-Taipei.
The lower levels of the building are devoted to congregational hall and conference rooms while the upper levels are used as offices and church fellowship activity spaces. With its easy-accessible and multifunctional design, our project provides opportunities to accommodate public services for the community and encourage interactions within the neighborhood.


Multiple functions of the building are expressed in the building volume; a modern, crystal form is employed to represent the “campanili” at the top of the stair hall. Verticality is emphasized in the building elevations to recall the Gothic idioms, suggesting an upward gesture towards heaven.


Lighting is an important element in the design. At night, the not yet installed stained glass, the illuminated stair lobby, the main façade’s star-like LED lights as well as the crystal cross tower jointly orchestrate a spiritual symbol and landmark to the community, and offer warmth and peace to the bustling cityscape.

Location: Xinsheng S. Road, Taipei

Structural system: Steel

Materials: exterior:stone veneer, aluminum and glass curtain wall

Materials: interior :stone veneer flooring

Site area : 2,180㎡

Building coverage: 980㎡

Total floor area : 12,235㎡

No. of stories : 2 below、10 above grade

Design period : 1998.01 ~ 2002.12

Const. period: 2003.06 ~ 2005.10

Award record: 2006 AIA New York State Citation Award

類別: Religious

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