UCL Rescarch Buildings & Pilot Plant, ITRI Union Chemical Engineering Research Laboratories

Located on the Kwang-Fu campus of the Institute, this five-story RC building with basement has a total floor area of 10,530 sq.m. with a total construction cost of NT$134,990,000 B to house eomprehensive laboratories for various specialized disciplines of the Institute.

For convenient operation, offices for the research personnel are placed next to their labs. Auxiliary spaces in the core area of each floor house equipment, darkrooms, autoclave & washing facilities, chemical storage, cold rooms and freezers. An important landmark of the Institute, the building was completed in December, 1992. Right next to this research building is a three-story pilot plant for polymer testing.

The plant bas a total floor area of 3,326 sq.m. with a total construction cost of NT$33,162,000. It was Completed in November, 199 & was used ahead of the research building.

類別: R&D

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