Victory Church, Chinese Lutheran Brethren of Taiwan

Located near the main thoroughfare Kuan-Fu Road of Hsinchu city at the busy Y-shaped intersection between Chien-gong road and Chien-gong First Road, the site faces the side entrance of Ching Hwa University and is well positioned for the erection of a landmark building. 704 sq.m. in area and bordered on two sides by 20 meter wide roads in a residential zone, a special height of 36 meters is allowed by code for this site. The building as designed, however, is just eight stories high, being mandated by budgetary considerations. The ground floor is set back from the street and contains a spacious lobby and a book shop; the Sanctuary is located on the second floor with a mezzanine, providing a total of 520 seats. A Fellowship Hall which also serves as reception room occupies the first basement while the sub-basement is used for parking.
Fourth through sixth floors contain office space for the fellowships and ministers, Sunday school and administration; seventh and eight floors are dormitories. The building volume is set back above the third floor where the upper part of the Sanctuary rises in the form of a square tower, shining like a jewel through its high windows at night. Total floor area is 4,174 sq.m., construction cost is NT$90,080,000. Completion date was Christmas 1995.

類別: Religious

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