Wenzhou Cangnan Taiwan International Kindergarten

Wenzhou Cangnan Taiwan International Kindergarten located in the Zhejiang Province is a large school serving children from preschool to kindergarten. As the school offers diverse programs such as a bilingual curriculum and the option for boarding, design for the new campus includes classrooms for 36 classes, supporting specialized facilities, and an auditorium.

The campus aims to foster a flexible learning environment in contrast to the traditionally restrictive box-like spaces. The main building is hence organized in the form of a ring. Building upon an idea of “embrace, a safe haven for children to learn by exploring”, the main building sculpted a protected space for children to grow intellectually and socially. Embrace’s circular form guides the building’s structural design and offers an organizational model that maximizes the number of classrooms on site. A separate linear row of classrooms completes the campus, strategically catering the different needs of day and boarding students.

Large terraces on every floor are placed near the classroom clusters to encourage play. Furthermore the corridors wrap the open atrium and change in width to create zones for lingering and interaction. Vertically an exterior staircase establishes intra-floor connections. Together the interior and exterior spaces of the new campus create a dynamic and nurturing environment for learning.


Location: Zhejiang Province

Structural system: RC

Site area: 16,669 m²

Building coverage: 4,167 m²

Total floor area: 10,000 m²

No. of stories: 4 above grade

Cost: Approximately RMB 24,000,000

Design period: 2013.09 ~ 2014.01

類別: Education、Paper Architecture

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