Xinkai Industry Headquaters

This project is the Xinkai Industrial Park aerospace plant and supporting facilities construction of industrial building project, the plot is located in the Jimei Houxi Industrial Zone, 324 National Road facing Southeast, northeast faced Houxi 8# Road, northwest to Xinhongzhou land, southwest is a period of factory land. The total land area is 41699.842 m2 , the total construction area of industry building is 29377.376 m2, the height is 30.95m, 7 floors, for the comprehensive building of a class of high-rise. plane shape is a n shape, the middle of a square enclosure, the inside of the building design interior courtyard. Building facade is harmony and unity, color is concise and lively, with contrast, and body composition techniques, create a rich flavor of the times and steady style of architecture, and interpretation of the modern industrial enterprise culture by architectural language.

Location : Jimei Houxi Industrial Zone

Structural system: RC & partial steel truss

Site area: 41,699.842㎡

Building coverage: 29,377.376㎡

Total floor area : 29,377.376㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 7 above grade

Design period : 2009.11 ~ 2010.5

Const. perio: 2010.8 ~ 2013.10

類別: Office

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