Xue Si Building, Feng Chia University

Xue Si Building, situated on the main campus of Feng Chia University, is adjacent to the bustling night market and residential buildings on the west and north sides. On its east side is seen the open space of Xue Si Chinese Garden, and on the south side stands the Civil/Hydraulic Engineering Building. The importance of the site lies in it curtains off the campus from the outside, as well as facilitates campus activities. The design features a progressive heightening of the floors 5, 7 and 9, to complement the elevation of the adjacent 5-level Civil/Hydraulic Engineering Building. The 9-level high volume sets the boundary for the north-western corner of the campus, looking distantly at the Business Building on the south-eastern corner.

This L-shape building of the project opens to the Xue Si Chinese Garden. With the utilization of a performing plaza, grand-stand steps and a solid-and-void variation of the front façade, it weaves out an energetic cultural landscape. The din of the night market is warded off and student activities are expanded further to the rarely occupied Xue Si Chinese Garden, activating a fresh wave of campus vibes.

The whole building is mainly used for teaching laboratory. Classrooms and a lecture hall are arranged in the lower levels, and the parking garage is in the basement. The interior space is planned on the west and north wings; the laboratories and research rooms in the north section are separated by a central corridor. The segmentation of the two spaces is clear and complementary: the research rooms on the south side enjoy sufficient natural light and an open view, while the north side are lab spaces where the light and temperature remains steady.

The west section is utilized mainly for administration, discussion, conference, etc. Cohering to the orientation of Xue Si Building, overhangs of outdoor steel stairs are employed to string the open landings on each level, linking with the performing plaza on the ground floor to form a multi-faceted space that enriches educational dimensions.

Location : Situn District, Taichung City

Structural system : RC

Site area: 156,000㎡

Building coverage : 2,140㎡

Total floor area: 16,733㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 9 above grade

Design period: 2005.07 ~ 2006.10

Const. period : 2006.11 ~ 2008.10

類別: Education

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