Yangmei Logistics Center, Ally Logistic Property

Ally Logistics Property is one of the leading professional logistics developers in Taiwan. This project aims to create a next-generation logistics center with its iconic form and highly efficient warehouse management system, setting a benchmark of the highest quality.

While a typical logistics center locates all loading docks and vehicle traffic on the ground level, at Yangmei, a major ramp wraps around the entire building. This significant feature allows the second and third floors to also have dedicated loading docks, thereby maximizing the overall storage capacity within a limited footprint. The height of the first floor is 13.8 meters, and the second the third floors each measures 9.9 meters. Total leasable area exceeds 99,000 square meters. To better serve its tenants, the building also provides amenities such as an employee cafeteria and a convenience store.

In order to fulfill fire safety regulations and to meet sustainable performance goals, precast concrete panels are used at the exterior. The building mass uses recess and variation in color to minimize the visual impact of a large building on the surrounding neighborhood. The 60゜diagonal stripes repeated in the façade and the overall form give the building a rhythmic expression and establish the identity of a contemporary logistics center.

Location: Yangmei District, Taoyuan City

Structural system: Steel

Site area: 60,985m²

Building coverage: 38,329m²

Total floor area: 100,507 m²

No. of stories: 4 above grade

Design period: 2015.09 ~ 2017.02

Const. period: 2017.03~2018.12

類別: Logistics

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