Yungho Christian Church

Religious architecture is one of the specializations of J.J. Pan & Partners, a typical example of which is Yungho Church. The project was built on Yun-Li Road in the city of Yungho where urban development is near saturation. The site is flanked by streets fifteen and five meters wide at the front and rear, respectively; the shape is narrow and elongated, with a curving, irregular property line along the street. The height of the building is restricted by the 21-meter rule. The design confronts several
(a) solving the complicated requirements and traffic flow of a religious building;
(b) organizing the structure system for rooms with great variation in sizes and ceiling heights;
(c) resolving the relationship of the irregularly-shaped site and the interior space;
(d) coordinating the limited ceiling space of the low-height floors with mechanical and electric systems; and
(e) creating the religious dignity and the landmark position of the building on a narrow, awkward site.

 The total floor area is 2,544 sq.m., with seven stories above and two below ground. The principal spaces are a sanctuary with a seven-meter ceiling, chapel, office fellowship rooms, Sunday School classrooms and dormitory rooms. The main entrance is two stories high and the second basement level is for parking. The construction cost was approximately NT$59,300,000. Its completion date was in 1994.

類別: Religious

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