Yunlin Plants Prosper Chem

The factory primarily produces chemical fluid of high degree pureness; it is set up with a clean room and laboratories for analysis, research and development, to be completed in two phases. Located in Yunlin District, the site is composed of five zones: Administration, Storage, Manufacture, Barrel& Trough and Waste Water Disposal Plant. In order to achieve the most orderly process of production, the design must consider the manufacture of chemical fluid, its route of conveyance, its packing and storage, and the reasonable distance between each zone, with tube bridges connecting the different zones.

Exterior appearance of the factory uses “variation within orderliness” as a principle of design: the walls are sheathed with a modular disposition of glazed bricks, with color changes from lower to higher levels to achieve a subtle variation. The Administration Building is composed of a glazed curtain wall and solid masonry, while the outdoor landscaped pool contrasts with the cascade bathed sculptural wall in the entrance lobby expresses a tough yet gentle image of the business enterprise.

Location: Hongqiao Transportation Hub, Shanghai City

Structural system: RC with partial SS

Site area: 45,000 m²

Building coverage: 3,200 m²

Total floor area: 51,000 m²

No. of stories: 2 below, 10 above grade

Design period: 2008.09 ~ 2009.09

Const. period: 2009.10 ~ 2012.03

類別: Manufacturing

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